the haps: the ups and downs


This “the haps” post is going to address a question I’ve been asked a lot recently:
“How is your business doing?”

This question is about Robo Roku, and to be honest, Robo Roku is not getting the love it deserves. Aside from Robo Roku, I work for Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, do client work for my business Travel Bear Bureau (formerly known as Lil’ Pancake), and am board chair for Chula League. I do have a lot on my plate, but generally everything I do is timed out nicely. Client work is usually only accepted during the beginning of the year before we get on the selling show circuit. This year Robo Roku did Printsource, and then things started to go wrong. New Robo Roku goodies were designed and made in the spring, but many have yet to make it online and to stores. Since we were unable to do the shows we were going to do, I took on client work to make up the income. Client work (as far as web design goes) is normally wrapped up in September, it has not wrapped up, yet. I only work 15 hrs/wk for Armadillo (Aug-Oct up to 30hrs/wk) depending on my workload. Other client work I do is social media consulting, and managing of social media accounts and blogging. Between Armadillo and client work that’s not web design related, that’s 30 hrs/wk. EEP! That’s almost a full time job! At least most of it is done on my own time from my home. Starting next month my hours at Armadillo will dip so I can focus on holiday season time for Robo Roku. We have upped our portfolio for our licensing agents, and participated in an art show in NYC, but our site and social media has been barren. Sad to say, especially since one client sent a thank you letter about my social media efforts on their behalf paying off. Now if only I could give Robo Roku the love it needs.

A day in the life for me right now looks like this:
Respond to emails from Armadillo and/or Chula League
Armadillo work
Client work
(repeat the above until I call it a day)
Respond to personal emails
Maybe some drawing

Client work, Armadillo work, holiday show season planning

Nov. 15th. I’m hoping to lounge around all day that day.

Halloween. I’m hoping to go to Fiesta Texas (so long as it doesn’t rain).

John Hughes playlist on Apple Music

Super nice clients, licensees, and stores that have been patient with me not having stock ready for them.

This will probably not be changing for the rest of the year: Holiday season, and licensing shows next year.

Not as much as I normally do this time of year. I normally watch almost everything! I seriously watch a lot of tv, but it’s the only way I can decompress. I haven’t watched Netflix much recently because of the fall shows being back. Doctor Who, House of DVF (LOVE!), The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, Scandal, Nashville, The British Baking Show, and Project Runway (my fave!) — lots of tv.

PS – my calendar in the photo is not up-to-date. I noticed this Thursday was empty, while I have two meetings that day. Oops! Good thing I use my phone and planner to keep track. 🙂


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