Daiso in Texas!

daiso in texas
WARNING: This post is photo heavy (loaded with cuteness).

Whenever I go to the West Coast (which is usually at least once a year) a trip to Daiso is always on the itinerary. Finding out one was FINALLY coming to Texas was a dream come true! Especially since I will not be making a trip to L.A. this year. I need to get my cute fix! With August being my birthday month, Josh agreed to drive me to the Dallas area to have a “pretend we’re in L.A. trip”. He drove my new car (post on that coming soon) so I could “play” with my planner on the drive there. When we got there for their grand opening, we found ourselves in quite the line. I was happy that it had such a turnout, but was a little worried we wouldn’t get in!

The line was outside wrapped into a neighboring empty business, then back outside again! Thankfully the line moved fairly quickly. We were in line for around 30 minutes, but it wasn’t so bad, the staff passed out water to everyone, and there was music playing, so everything was upbeat. This was just what was in front of me, the whole line was over double what you see here!
daiso line

Daiso is a Japanese $1.50 value store. Think dollar store, but with loads of cuteness!
daiso end capdaiso end cap 2 copy

lucky cat daiso
cute umbrellas daiso

I tried to convince this employee to give me his Pocky jacket. I did get a Pocky file folder. YAY!
pocky jacket

Here’s a peek at a tiny portion of some of the goodies I picked up there:
bunny plate daiso

pocky daiso haul

After the Daiso trip we went to Sprinkles (another L.A. fave) for some cupcakes.
2015-08-01 19.34.19

I’m so glad we were there for the grand opening, there was so much excitement in the store. I can’t wait to go back next month! Here’s a tip for artist/maker friends that do shows, you can find super cute items here for your booth displays. Lots of mine come from Daiso. 🙂


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