the haps: secret stuff update

These photos are not the best, but we were pretty excited to get them emailed to us. In August we signed a licensing deal for tech cases that were being debuted at a trade show late last month. The licensee sent us pics from the show. There was a tight turnaround, so not all the designs we submitted were made into cases in time, but they did add some of our designs to their signage. We can’t wait to see how some of our other designs turn out.

Robo Roku Bubble Tea Sea
Robo Roku Rad Panda Ipad Case
Robo Roku Signage

More exciting news… we signed with agency Supermarcas for representation in Latin America, Mexico, and Panama. Seeing the other names they represent was quite humbling. I cannot believe our logo will soon be added to that list. It’s both exciting and overwhelming. Things seem to be moving pretty fast in these parts, but I’m not complaining.

Tomorrow we’ll be at the Austin Flea at Opal Divine’s. ATX friends, please come out and say hi! More news is coming, but we’re not quite ready to show our project, yet. Hopefully next week. EEP!


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