music monday: new fall tunes

Last week two albums were released that are perfect for chilly weather and cloudy days. I’ve been alternating between the albums of Pompeii and Taxes, and wishing the weather here in Austin would get it together and allow me to fully embrace the music the way I think it would sound best (aside from live, of course. nothing beats live).
Pompeii Band
You can hear songs from Pompeii’s new album loom here. They just left for an East Coast tour, and will be playing CMJ, so if you’re in the area, go check them out.

Tuesday, when It Never Ends by Taxes was released, I purchased it immediately, and dragged my laptop to the kitchen to listen to the tracks online while I made cupcakes for girls’ night. There was definitely some dancing with a spatula in my hand happening. I think Lost at Sea is my favorite song off the album (so far). West Coast friends can check them out Nov. 6th in SF at Bottom of the Hill. Here’s a video for Kali:

What new albums are you listening to? Anything I should check out, or share? In case you haven’t noticed, swoony (let’s pretend that’s a real word — like bloaty <--that's for you Gilmore Girl fans) tunes are my favorite. xo -renée

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