makeup monday: the girl with green eyes

My first Halloween makeup post of 2014 is one I’ve been wanting to do since last year, so I’m stoked to finally have tried it! Though I’m certainly no Kim Catrall, I’m pretty happy with the results as I recreated her look as Gracie Law from Big Trouble In Little China.

The inspiration:


My version:



Observations and products used:
I started with full-coverage foundation and thicker brows than usual (filled out using brown powder and an angled liner brush), and set everything with tarte Amazonian clay mineral powder. I then began contouring with a brush and my dark pink color.

Be sure to use a matte finish fuchsia eyeshadow! My first attempt involved a mixture of cream and powder blushes, but I really disliked the shimmery finish that blush tends to have. Because I had to make the correction—with limited enough time that I couldn’t wash it all off and begin anew—I ended up with a darker, more dramatic application of the dark pink, so in the future I’d go straight for the matte eyeshadow.

I piled on lots of Urban Decay Primer Potion and purple shadow, then finished off the eyes with black mascara and gel liner. All eyeshadows used for this look are in my b&h cosmetics 120 color palette.


I didn’t have a big, fancy ceremonial headdress like Kim’s lying around, so I polished the ensemble with a dangly pearl headpiece, red lips (Kat Von D), and a fake beauty mark (strategically placed to hide giant blemish).

Which other costume makeup looks would you like to see?


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