making time for fun and friends

Last week flew by! Josh and I have been pulling in 14-15 hour days, and finally took a little bit of time off this weekend. Saturday night we went and saw Tegan and Sara. Josh loves Tegan and Sara and had never seen them live before. I didn’t think we were going to make it to the show, as we both got hit hard that day with allergies. We stayed home as late as we could and got to the venue about 15 minutes before Tegan and Sara took the stage. Perfect timing. Their light show was amazing. I kept trying to take pis from my phone, but I was too far to do them justice. I must admit the lights distracted me a bit, I kept wanting to draw them. I found this pic online that just caught a little bit of how fun they were. If you like Tegan and Sara, def try to catch a show this tour.

Tegan and Sara
photo by vladislav grach

Sunday Roxy was in town, which means a trip to Veggie Heaven and Momoko are in order. I haven’t been to Momoko for Bubble Tea in months, and I have been craving it so much. I didn’t get my usual Strawberry Jelly Milk, I decided to be a twinsie with Roxy and get Kogepan Pudding Pearl Milk tea. It’s a yummy drink I love to get in the fall.

Bubble Tea

On our drive back home we happened to drive by where Sierra was the hired talent for Teva, so we turned around and hung out with her DIY’ing some free Tevas. It was a lot of fun. One street over was another place Roxy likes me to take her, Hope Outdoor Gallery also known as Castle Hill. We went over and grabbed a few snap shots.
Castle Hill

After our fun I came home and worked on my homework for the Mati Rose class, watched Madame Secretary (I LOVE Téa Leoni) and then went over to Sierra’s for some more girl time. It was nice to take a bit of a break, even though we have SO much going on. I’ll share more about that later this week. I hope you had some fun this weekend, too. It was a nice reminder to try and get in more down time. I love what I do, so it doesn’t always feel like work, but going on adventures and rocking out at shows are just so good for the soul.


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