the haps: why so few posts lately


Jen and I were going to meet this past week now that she’s settled into the neighborhood after moving, but unfortunately out of the last nine days I’ve spent eight of them in the hospital visiting friends & family. Hopefully yesterday was the last day I have to go the hospital for awhile. This dolphin sculpture at the hospital has been quite soothing through the stress.

let’s breakdown the haps….

Not as much this past week as I would have liked (lots of running errands and going and back and forth from the hospital every day). Monday I started an online course called “Daring Adventures in Creative Biz” by Mati Rose. This course came along at a good time for me, because I’ve been feeling a little lost in the shuffle of art vs craft vs art licensing and trying to figure out the best way to have our biz online presence make sense to licensees/manufacturers, and to our current customers. In another class I took we were told our site shouldn’t be focused on selling, because licensees are not interested in seeing that. That makes sense if Josh and I wanted to solely do licensing, but the main reason we wanted to get into licensing is so we could focus more on drawing and have time for painting again. Josh and I want to continue to make goods and sell at shows; getting to see people react and talk with us about our work is so fun. We don’t want to be isolated at home. I’m a little behind on the lessons this week, but so far, I’ve loved interacting with the other students, and am always excited to make new friends on similar paths. We also finalized a name for a sorta new project, and I can’t wait to share more about that next week. EEP! We did redo our site recently (going to announce later this week, after we add more goods), and I like that we made it more visual straight away. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Blogging (if I’m not blogging I am thinking about it – or feeling guilty for being silent), our new project, and getting caught up for holiday crunch time.

Finishing up the new site, redoing the blog layout, getting the holiday show goods lined up and ready, and having designs ready for Printsource in January.

My Donavon Frankenreiter Pandora station… still.


Having friends that get my life careerstyle (Sierra says this blog is more “career style” than lifestyle) and don’t hate me for being too busy to hang, and like talking “biz” as much as I do.

Holiday season, and licensing shows next year.

I’ve been switching between my second time through House on Netflix, and (I don’t know how many times watching) The West Wing. ALSO! Fall shows started, and I’m excited to see more eps of Selfie, Madam Secretary, and How to Get Away With Murder. Scandal was a little too “racy” for my taste, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep watching if they don’t shift the focus to cases, I’m not into the making-out scenes.

Recap of last week done. I’m looking forward to getting back on track and introducing you to more artists and sharing more behind the scenes of artists doing their thing. 😉


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