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WHOA! I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since we last blogged. Jen is in the process of moving, team Robo Roku has been super busy, and I’ve been sick through it all. So much to share, let’s get into it!
I buried the lede on my personal Facebook page about this, but I’m just going to kick things off with the news, that you, our sweet blog readers are getting before we publicize on our Robo Roku social media pages. We got an agent!!
We went to Licensing Expo in hopes of getting deals, but our biggest hope was to get an agent. The very first person to our booth was an agent, and we had a few other agents interested, but this particular agent (we’ll announce the company 8/1, when our contract goes into effect) was on it. He was very professional, got right into the meat of things at the booth, and corresponded after the show right away. His company strictly deals with the Asian market, so we’re still looking for representation for the states and Europe, but being in the Asian market has been a dream of ours forever. We’re pretty over the moon, sadly, the day we got the deal I was super sick, and haven’t been able to do a happy dance, yet. As soon as I’m feeling better I will totally do a happy dance!

The breakdown…

Our new agent (squee!) asked for a character style guide, so we’ve been working hard on that, along with working on our licensing portfolio gallery for him to be able to pitch companies. Also, doing the taxes. We always file for an extension, because we can be lazy, but next year we’ll do it on time!

What holiday shows we’re going to apply to, what to do for my birthday (8/15), how to reorganize the studio.

Taking down our tees. In the licensing world the apparel industry is toughest on not wanting designs to have been seen before, so we’re taking down 90% of our tees before our agency contract kicks in. Check out the site, if you want to grab a tee before they’re gone.
Robo Roku Tees Going Away

My Donavon Frankenreiter Pandora station and the Nativiy 2: Danger in the Manger soundtrack. I’ve been singing Christmas tunes for weeks! I love Christmas music, and usually can be caught singing Christmas carols year round. Since I’ve been working on our holiday collection, Christmas movies and music seemed fitting atmosphere.

Veggie tacos, fudgesicles (sp?), gummy worms, and ginger ale from Starbucks.
ginger ale

My new pal Jupey from Jupey Krusho. I met him at Licensing Expo, and the two of us have been exchanging emails like whoa, helping each other out and giving each other advice on our follow ups.

A new way of doing business. The licensing world is pretty different than what I’m used to, and I need to work on making sure my multiple revenue streams don’t clash with one another.

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger on repeat, no joke. I’ve also peppered in continuing on my second time through House on Netflix.

Things have been pretty swirly again, but I’m happy about everything. This week is pretty exciting because Face Off and Project Runway start, too! I love that creative reality shows exist, they are so much more interesting to watch. Anything new on Netflix you’ve been into? I’d love some fresh suggestions. I’ll do a Licensing Expo recap post soon, I promise.

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