the haps: drowning in licensing prep

Robo Roku was pretty excited to see us get a mention (even if they spelled our name wrong) in this article in License! Global:
License Mag Robo Roku Mention

We weren’t able to physically be at Surtex due to a family emergency, but the ladies from Cultivate Art Collective that we were sharing with were amazing, and hung up our banner and gave out our info for us. They scanned in business cards of leads for us, and today we received an email from a really big company that I’ve wanted to work with for years. I don’t know if anything will come of their inquiry, it all comes down to what they want and if their terms will work for us, but I sure hope we can work together. I just about fainted reading their really kind (and “very interested”) email.

We still need to follow up with the other leads, but we’ve been buried in prepping for Licensing Expo, happening June 17-19 in Las Vegas. Character licensing is kinda different than art licensing, so we’re not able to just take what we worked up for Surtex and be done with it. There’s more of a re-framing of our portfolio and brand to be more easily taken in by people looking to license characters. I can’t wait to go and come back and share all that I’ve learned.

May was such a whirlwind of good and bad, I just don’t even know how to recap it. I know I was silent for a few weeks, that may happen when life gets too swirly, but know that if I decide that I don’t want to blog anymore, I’ll let ya know. If you don’t see a “goodbye post” you can rest assured posts will be resuming. Let’s get to the breakdown of the haps…

Licensing Expo prep (drawing, printing, webinars), client work (web design, content help), Reddit Flash Sale prep (loading more products in our Reddit shop for the Flash Sale). Last week we realized that in the first two months of being on Reddit we’ve sold more through them than through all the years we’ve been on Etsy (It’s all about finding “your people”).

How there is so much I want to do, and never enough time for it all. I’m still working on this “life balance” thing, and I think I’m getting closer, and my dream schedule is within reach, just gotta get through Licensing Expo.

Our trip to Las Vegas for Licensing Expo this month.

My E.L.O. Pandora station. Have I mentioned I love 70s music? Yacht Rock is my fave.

I’ve been eating breakfast tacos and drinking Vitamin Water every morning recently.

Lilla Rogers, Tara Reed* (She teaches Art Licensing Academy which is awesome and starting up again tomorrow, so if you’re interested in licensing you should sign up!), Cultivate Art Collective, and the Internet for connecting us all.

Licensing Expo

House on Netflix… I’m liking watching it a second time through.

Even though I’m always cold (thanks to my anemia), I prefer it to always be 68 degrees. Hoodie weather is my fave!
I try not to kill spiders, but when I do, I always say “I’m sorry” out loud right before I smash them.
I like Cheetos with bean dip.
I have worked for 30+ companies, and have never been fired.

Just for fun, here’s a design we did for Make Art That Sells last year with the rules of needing to include pyrex and mushrooms in the design. It’s not perfect, but I love how happy it is.
Retro Rainbow Robo Roku

*discalimer: I am an affiliate of Tara Reed’s programs. I signed up because I knew I’d be promoting her courses anyway, so why not become an affiliate. She’s so great at answering questions and making licensing not seem so scary.

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