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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you know I was in Las Vegas last week for Licensing Expo, and took a night off to see the Cirque du Soleil show, Michael Jackson ONE.
I’m a pretty big MJ fan, since around five yrs old I would play 45s by The Jacksons, when I got the Thriller album I would tote it around and have tea parties with MJ. I once left my album cover outside in my fort and it rained, ruining the cover. I was so upset, that my mom bought me another record just so I could have a nice cover again. I even had an MJ poster in my closet that I would stare at, I was absolutely smitten. My love for MJ only ever grew from there.
MJ shoes

I didn’t even think about going to the Cirque show since I knew we would be busy, but Josh knows my love is deep and suggested it anyway. We got tickets for the last night we were there. Here are some tips if you are ever in Vegas and want to check it out:

1. Buy your tickets from the Mandalay Bay site, or in person there. They have more ticket price options, and cheaper ticket options, too!

2. The theater is small, if you can only afford the cheapest seats, don’t worry about it, your view should still be great. We were in the second row, and I think that was too close.

3. If they take your photo they’ll charge you $45 for them to take home. They put the photos in a nice photo book, so I think it’s reasonable. Just don’t buy more than one book, though, they’ll email you if you buy one and give you a cheaper option to buy digital pics.

4. Get there early to hit up the gift shop in peace. We got there an hour and 1/2 early to go through will call, and were able to shop in a fairly empty store before the first showing let out. After the show the place is packed.

Speaking of the gift shop… I wandered around looking for just the perfect souvenir, and was starting to feel like I wouldn’t find it when I stumbled upon this amazing red sweater. My fave color plus the design I’ve been wanting a tattoo of together on the softest sweater ever! I grabbed it off the shelf, pulled it close, and my eyes teared up. I put it on before the show started, and I wore it on the whole drive home. So in love.
MJ Sweater

About the show… I was expecting someone to be impersonating MJ and for me to be crying the whole time. It was a storyline having to do with MJ videos, so there was a lot of dancing, and very little impersonating…thankfully for me. I was so nervous to cry in front of strangers. I mentioned being in the second row, for someone as shy as me I was stressed the whole show that a performer was going to sit in the empty seat next to me, and was a little uncomfortable when the actors would make eye contact and smile at me. I don’t want to spoil the show for you, but I want to say, if you like MJ, go see it, it’s worth it. Here’s a preview:

Let me know if you see it!

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