life changing charts and positive thoughts

art by adrienne vita

Last Sunday I was able to have brunch with the lovely, and amazingly talented Adrienne Vita. She’s a fellow artist that has been on the Renegade Craft Fair circuit like us, and is looking into licensing, like we are. We are kindred spirits. We’ve been exchanging tweets and emails sharing craft show and licensing info back and forth. It’s so fun knowing someone with a similar journey.

Adrienne did a reading with me, giving me my numerology chart, and everything she said to me blew my mind and made me super excited about life.

One thing she asked me that stuck with me, was “what do you want?” (she was referring to my life/career), my answer was a list of things I don’t want. She totally called me out on that and said you just gave me a list of things you don’t want, that’s a negative focus, you’re sending negative thoughts into the universe, and that can be confusing. I told her what I want, and she wrote it down, and told me to focus on that and keep sending it out into the universe. Which I’ve been doing every day since. I left brunch feeling high on life and ready to shed the self sabotaging habit that I have, that again she called me out on. I like being called out on stuff, because it only helps you be a better person. I’m all about always evolving.

She told me that whatever new thing I did in 2012 was something that was going to be in my life for the next nine years. I kept trying to figure out what new thing I did, and when I got home I scrolled through my FB feed to find hints of something. I was so excited to find that 2012 was the year we had our first licensing deal. EEP! That’s a good sign! What I loved most about our chat was that she kept emphasizing the importance of having positive thoughts and gratitude. Which I try to do. I definitely think everything happens for a reason, but I also tend to be more sharing of things I hate, than love. Twitter has actually helped me curb that, but only online. I often want to post when I hate a movie or a band, and well, no one wants to read that. I’m going to work on changing that habit in person, too.

I just read an article today that said only 23% of women in the United States have a career plan, and almost 40 percent of women report they are “winging it” when it comes to their career. That’s shocking to me, but also explains why many women are not as satisfied with their careers as men are. I’m a firm believer in having life plans. I’m not really a “wing it” person. I have to have goals to aim for. Whether you have a plan or not, I highly recommend you getting a reading from Adrienne, she will totally get you excited about life, and get you on a positive path.

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