geeking out: science crush necklaces

Do you love science? Better yet, does your mom love science? I’ve got these rad new science crush pendant necklaces, and they make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, too. Each one comes with an image of your favorite scientist (there are several from which to choose) in a metal heart pendant with a protective glass dome, and hangs from a sturdy metal chain.


So far, the most popular ones have been Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Nikola Tesla, but there are many great astrophysicists, mathematicians, chemists, and naturalists that you can proudly wear around your neck as a tribute to these amazing historical figures and the impact their work has had on our modern lives.


Snag one in my Etsy shop before Tuesday, May 6th, for delivery in time for Mothers Day. Otherwise, they’re available all the time for you to treat yourself.

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