art scene: entoptic phenomena + tribal masks by william hundley at wyatt brand

Beer, BBQ, Tacos, and Entoptic Phenomena! Sounds like my kind of party.

Artist William Hundley and the Wyatt Brand team are throwing a reception on Thursday, May 8th, at WBHQ to toast the exhibition of Entoptic Phenomena + Tribal Masks, with craft beer from Independence Brewing Co. and Circle Brewing Company, along with light bites from Lone Star Barbeque and Taco Baby. Learn how Hundley creates his otherworldly-meets-everyday images with camera and ingenuity alone, and view an exhibition of a dozen photography prints from William Hundley’s Entoptic Phenomena series and two from his tribal mask series.

In 2006 William Hundley began an ongoing series of photographs that he titled “Entoptic Phenomena” in which he photographs people jumping underneath fabrics and other various materials. The instant of the jump can be thought of as super ephemeral sculpture, lasting only a few seconds before reverting to their base components. The resulting photographs appear to have been made by computer manipulation, but Hundley stresses that “they are just photographs” and that there were absolutely no computer applications used in creating the images. He goes on to say that having “acrobatic models” is the key to the success of the imagery.

Recent works, included in the exhibition at Wyatt Brand, have focused on assembled collages and a series of tribal inspired masks with the idea of gathering objects from contemporary culture and using them in a “tribal” way. The artist is an Austin-dwelling Minnesota native, whose photography has been featured in numerous publications and countless blogs and websites. Large and small prints are available for purchase. RSVP and invite others via the Facebook event.

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