the haps: spring brings new things

This time of year I normally would have finished up around four shows, be wrapping up a new booth design to launch for the year, and getting ready for two more shows next month. This year has been all about learning as much as I can about the licensing world, prepping for Surtex, and working on our new business model. Spring always brings new things, this year it’s just bringing them around on a much larger scale. When I say “new business model” what I mean by that is we are focusing on doing shows and cons that appeal to “our people”. “Our people” means people that are into cute, geeky, funny, positive, original illustrations and quotes in our style. We like to keep things fun and happy around Robo Roku HQ. It’s just who we are. Here’s an example of how we keep things silly…

doodle by Josh of Robo Roku

Our work is all about drawings that bring a smile on. Can’t you tell? 😉

Let’s break down the haps….

Designs for Surtex, client work, blog and shop site update, adding goods to the shop and stocking our Etsy shop.

Surtex, designs, my life as an artist, what this year will look like with the changes we are making to our business model.

Getting a night off tomorrow to see a Captain America double feature. The return of Mad Men!

Still not over my Passion Pit Pandora station. It lifts my spirits and gets my booty shakin’.

Eggs everyday. YAY! I LOVE eggs. One day I’ll make migas, another potato and egg, another an omelet, I love how many different ways you can make eggs, and they’re still delicious.

This week I’m thankful for Sierra, Roxy, Meredith, Josh, and the blessings in my life.
I’ve been a little overwhelmed and starting to border on depression and Meredith has been so good at keeping me task orientated so I don’t actually fall into depression.
Sierra and Roxy have been good friends to let me vent, and make me laugh over whatever I’m venting about.
Josh has been picking up my slack (again). We make a great team. We get along so effortlessly and fill in the gaps for each other.
There are a lot of things going wrong right now, but at the same time I have so much to be grateful for. I’m glad the good always out weighs the bad.

Surtex, Blog refresher, Robo Roku site refresher, and the return of the This Creative Life shop (complete with new jewelry!).

Friday Night Lights… again… still… “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”

I’m a water junkie.
I love Japanese chocolate, not only is it milder, but it comes in awesome packaging.
I love spreadsheets… I’m such a nerd.
Cynthia Rowley is a hero of mine.

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