makeup monday: coordinating art and appearance

I have decided to try a new thing. Henceforth, when I’m painting commissioned art or a new piece for my collection, I will try to incorporate some design element(s) related to the painted subject’s style or era into my wardrobe. Seems like it could be fun, right?


This weekend, my painting was a retro mod-inspired space scape, so I used makeup techniques reminiscent of the era: thick cat-eye liner, bold lashes, and no lipstick or eyeshadow. I also wore small sparkly bow earrings with posts (instead of my usual large, dangly, less dainty jewelry), and a simple black dress that feels a little classic to me.

If you dig this look and wish to try it, but need help refining your eyeliner skills, we have a handy blog post for that!


I’m excited about applying this new method to future artwork, especially when I paint portraits of gritty rockers and mega-glam pop stars.

Of course, I’m interested in seeing, in the future, whether I feel more connected with or satisfied by my art as a result of mimicking it in my personal style choices. Even if my experiment doesn’t yield the results I want, at least I’ll be giving myself an excuse to make an effort to be cute more often. Being a full-time artist means often working in solitude, and it’s easy to neglect one’s appearance after awhile.

Life is too short not to spend a few moments each day doing something that will make you smile every time you see your reflection thereafter.


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