x-acto art event at sxsw with ray ferrer

Urban spray paint and stencil artist Ray Ferrer will join X-ACTO® in Austin, Texas, March 7-8 for an innovative exhibit of hand-stenciled art during the SXSW Festival depicting SXSW and Austin icons. It is so impressive how some people can use the simplest tools to create such intricate art.
Ferrer - Guitar NeckCheck out his Facebook page to see more work. I love his Beastie Boys commission.
This oil rig piece is really pretty, too. The colors in both pieces are beautiful.
Ferrer - Oil Rig
Stop by the X-ACTO Precision Pavilion to see Ray Ferrer doing a live knife art demonstration
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Friday, March 7th & Saturday, March 8th by the Corner of Neches St. and East 5th St. (one block north of Austin Convention Center). I’ll be checking it out on Saturday, for sure. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to keep up with my SXSW 2014 adventures.

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