the haps: sxsw 2014 edition

SXSW is officially over, and boy this year was rough! I’m a Crew Chief for the Press and Publicity department, and have been for over 10 yrs. This year we got jackets with patches that said our name and department, only the company that made the patch spelled my name “Réne” (eek!). There is one other Crew Chief (in another dept.) named Renée, hers came out just like mine. We had a good laugh about it. I said as long as I can alter it myself, I don’t care. I was sick this SXSW (still recovering), but I did get to check out a few things, but my pics aren’t fab…
SXSW Patch
Every SXSW there is ONE thing that means more to me than anything else. This is my “will not miss” show/film/panel. This year my one thing was seeing Veronica Mars. Since the department I’m in sets up Red Carpet events, my bosses let me work the Red Carpet. I got to escort some of the cast to the green room and give multiple hi-fives and lo-fives to Jason Dohring (which was like one of the best moments of my life!!) The cherry on top was this happening in front of the 2 fans behind me that were talking trash about me for complaining with another volunteer about our arms being tired from keeping fans at bay (I had my arms up for well over an hour!). They had no idea that I’m a mega Veronica Mars fan aka a marshmallow. Here’s a pic of the Q & A with the cast and writer Rob Thomas afterwards.
Veronica Mars

There are so many fun things in this city, this is one of my faves.

I never thought I’d get in to see Lady Gaga. It was going to be hard to pull off, since my shifts at the Press Desk during Music end at 10pm…. but Josh and I made it!
Lady Gaga Show
It was amazing, and I totally almost cried, and I’m not even a little monster (should that be capitalized?).

I went home right after her performance because I had to be up at 6:30am to take a shower and get ready for Lady Gaga’s keynote. One of my responsibilities is enforcing photo policies at the music keynote and helping with crowd control, so I have to be there before it starts. I cried three times during her keynote. Her views on being an artist vs selling out were just so in tuned with where I am and how I feel. I totally fell in love with her.
Lady Gaga Keynote

SXSW is not complete until I make my yearly contribution at Flatstock. I always hit up Tara McPherson and Jason Munn‘s booth first. This year my funds were more limited so I went straight to Tara’s and blew my budget there. Every year my collection of signed Tara McPherson pieces grows just a little bit more. I also picked up a few other things like this poster for The Black Lips by visiting artist Modern Giant.
photo by modern giant

While I didn’t see as much as I have other years, what I saw I really enjoyed, making it a win for me. 10 days straight of waking up early, working a stressful job all day and then trying to go enjoy the fest each night is exhausting, especially if you’re starting SXSWeek sick. I’m so glad to be home, back to client work and Surtex prep. I missed being in my jammies. 😉

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