surtex prep pt. 2

It feels weird not posting new works or making up a storm for cons this time of year. Prepping for Surtex (as a newbie) just takes a lot of time. I didn’t know for sure we were going until we were in the beginning of holiday show madness, so we haven’t really been able to focus on our collections for Surtex until this year. Most people prepare for Surtex year round, we have less than five months to have a minimum of 20 collections done.

“Collections” in the licensing world vary just a bit by what your focus is (patterns vs placement artwork). A collection is a grouping of four to twelve (or more) pieces of coordinating artwork that make sense as a story. A collection could be a nautical theme full of nautical icons like anchors and sailor hats, or a set of patterns that use the same colors. I love surface design, so I’ve been building up the This Creative Life line of pattern collections in any spare time I have on my iPad. I almost lost it a few weeks ago when my pattens on my iPad weren’t showing up. After a reboot of the iPad all was right again, but boy my heart sank and face went pale for a few minutes. Since Robo Roku’s work is done more in tandem, that’s where our finished collections are lacking right now. We have our designs planned out, and have characters created for them, we just have to round out the collections. I really wanted to have 50 collections done for Surtex, and I am still aiming for that, but I’m not going to beat myself up if we don’t make it past 20. I just know the more we can show, the more possibilities there are.

This month we had to turn in our business card design to the collective for printing for Surtex. On one side will be our design, on the other Cultivate Art Collective’s info, our name, and booth number. We modified our old mural design for the cards, we’ll also be using a variation of this design for our booth banner (which we’re really excited about!). What do you think?


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