how to pack for sxsw

I’ve been attending SXSW for over half my life. Here are my tips on how to pack for SXSW…

How to Pack for SXSW

I cannot stress enough the importance of dressing in layers. Weather changes drastically within the day, and panel rooms and music venues can vary. Be prepared for whatever may come.

Make sure to also fill your pack with:
lip balm
breath mints dental floss
cash and ID
a travel pack of tissues
cuties and/or a granola bar to keep you fueled
an extra charger (even if you have a mophie, days can be long)
wet wipes (these are better than liquid hand sanitizer because you can wipe stuff up)
a list with “plan a, b, and C” because during SXSW things can be unpredictable

Feel free to add to my list in the comments!

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