geeking out: my staple! 2014 haul

JenHeartsArt Robo Roku booth
Before SXSW Jen and I did Staple! The Independent Media Expo. I’ve been wanting to do this show for a long time, but it has been landing on or very near my mom’s birthday, and we usually go on a mini trip to celebrate. This year she was going on a trip later in the month, so I got to do it! It was such a great group of artists to be around. I hope to do it next year with a bigger table (we applied too late, so we only got a 1/2 table when someone dropped out).

Our booth neighbor, Jessica Madoran had amazing art, and it was her very first show. I passed on as much info about doing shows as I could. She was just scribbling away all the resources I shared with her. I hope I didn’t overwhelm her! Her art just has to get seen!

I got to meet some Instagram friends IRL there, and that was so exciting to put a real smile and face to their feed. One of them, Meghasissues, had a booth there selling her Cat Therapy book filled with cat comics she posts in her feed. I love them! I also picked up little coloring books from local artist Amanda Michael Design. Apparently I like cat art. Ha!
staple! haul

We also debuted one of our new notebooks at Staple!. We’re currently working on images to get these listed online. We’re even going to be offering you your choice of paper, graph, lined, or blank. These will be made to order. I’m really excited to show you all the new offerings. I kinda geek out over stationery. When we first started we were mostly stationery and art; we never really thought about selling tees until customers kept requesting them, and then tees sorta took over our lives. We want to let our paper products start shining a bit more.
Rad Panda Notebook

Let me know if you have any fave characters you’d like to see on one of the new notebooks.


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