the haps: surtex prep part 1

This is the Cultivate Art Collective promo video Josh put together for Surtex.

Our video is currently on the Surtex home page, and they featured our collective in their newsletter on Monday. We were all pretty excited about it. This May will be our first time showing at Surtex. I’m so glad we’re going with 9 other people in the collective. Our group has a nice range of artists, and they are so fun to chat with every week. I can’t wait to meet them in person and go back to NYC for a week. Josh has never been to NY, so he’s even more excited than I am. We travel well together, so I’m sure it will be fun. Here are the haps…

Designs for Surtex, client work, blog site update, adding goods to the shop and stocking our Etsy shop for the first time in YEARS.

How I’m going to finish 200 designs by Surtex with everything else on my plate right now. It will get done, I know that, I’m just freaking out a bit.


Still stuck on my Passion Pit Pandora station. It’s just so fun!

Lots of junk food, which I’m sure is contributing to my fussy mood. I don’t do well with junk food.

This week I’m thankful for Jen (co-author of this blog), Sierra, Roxy, Meredith, and Josh. Meredith is so good about pushing me to take advantage of all the sale avenues out there for Robo Roku. She loves our stuff, and text exchanges with her everyday keeps me on task. Sierra is good about helping me stay calm in the storm, Roxy is good about keeping my spirit light and happy, Jen helps me with the blog, and Josh picks up my slack. I have a great group of friends that I could not live without. It takes a village for Robo Roku to run, that’s for sure. We really need an assistant again. I have a recommendation for someone that is moving here in April, so we’re trying to hold on until then.

SXSW and Surtex.

Friday Night Lights… again. “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”

I watch a lot of cartoons
I have insomnia. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but I read women need 9 hours of sleep, so I’m aiming for that with the aid of ZzzQuil.
When I was in middle school I wanted to grow up to be a choreographer.
I can eat migas, avocado, and Pad Thai everyday.

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