motivational monday: who do you want to be?

Art by Pat Pitingolo

I learned this lesson in 2009 from Laura Roeder. When I hung out with people that weren’t goal orientated, I started to be more lackadaisical about my goals. I worked much slower, and was not as invested in pursuing my dreams on a daily basis. Taking the Creating Fame course from Laura Roeder grouped me in a class with so many people working hard and excitedly on what they love. The passion I was around (even if it was only online) was so contagious! After it ended many of us stayed connected online, but I craved the environment Laura created. I then started looking at the people I was spending the most time with and shifted to spend more time with people that would keep me in an energized environment.

As much as I hate Facebook, it allows me to be in online groups of people working toward similar goals. My friend Meredith and I text each other almost daily sharing (and venting) about our work lifestyle (we both do original illustrations). As I’ve mentioned before, Sierra and I often run opportunities by each other for feedback. She’s currently helping me break my habit of turning down offers all the time. I have meet ups with a group of girls every month to talk biz and support each other in this self-employed lifestyle. They say you need to find your tribe, and I believe that is so key to living a happy, and productive life. If you’re interested in a challenge, try making a vision board of the lifestyle you want, and surround yourself with people that will help you get (and stay) there. Happy Monday, everyone!


art by Pat Pitingolo

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