motivational monday: love yourself

This Creative Life - Love Yourself First

I love this saying. When I was in high school a friend of mine said “We die alone, so why put other people first?”. It was a confusing idea to me at the time. His real point was he wasn’t going to change who he was to please “some girl”, because this was his life. That’s an idea I can get behind. It’s hard to not want approval from family and loved ones, but the approval we truly need is our own. No one is perfect, we are all works in progress (ideally, we’re evolving everyday). There’s so much in this world to take in, to learn, to love, but we need to love ourselves first. We need to be able to take care of our minds, bodies, and passions. We need to approach life with excitement for the gift of being able to experience so much.

Josh was recently complaining about a client that always has rush jobs, and sometimes complains about pricing, even though he’s giving them a discount. After a week I checked in with him on how he was handling the client, he said “It’s a non-issue” I asked if he had a talk with them, and he said “No, I just changed the way I think about it. They are always going to have rush jobs, and sometimes complain, but I’m choosing to not care about it, so that problem is over.” Just like that, he changed his outlook, and it improved his happiness. We can all do that! (just don’t ever spill water on Josh – that’s his kryptonite)

We don’t know how long we have in this life, so it seems to me that I need to make the most of each day and pour my heart into all I do. I really do the dishes with a full heart. I get excited that I’m going to have clean dishes! If your day job sucks the life out of you, and you truly have no way out, just have something to look forward to after work. Remind yourself that this crappy day job is affording you the money to paint, sew, do roller derby, play video games, whatever it is that you love to do. Take care of you, be kind to others, and everything else will fall in place.

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