handmade scene: FrankenFrock class with Anne Marie Beard and Laisa Macias

What could be better than enhancing your wardrobe on the cheap with amazing tailored pieces? Learning how to do it yourself with instruction from a team of skilled pros in a fun, social environment! Join award-winning designers Anne Marie Beard and Laisa Macias on Saturday, February 22nd, for FrankenFrock, a 3 hour class on how to make something old into something new.

We all have clothes that we just can’t let go of because the fabric is amazing, or because we only paid $3 for it, or because we just know that “one day” we will alter it. In this class Anne Marie and Laisa will teach you how to do just that – and empower you to turn your thrift store finds into fashionable frocks.

Each student can bring multiple projects, and they will help you decide which project to complete. Everyone will go home with a new FrankenFrock! Dresses or skirts are recommended as they have the most material and most options for altering.

The photos shown in this post are examples of pieces created by Anne Marie using some of the methods she’ll be teaching in the class.


Laisa Macias is the Designer behind Lala – a sexy women’s clothing line. She has shown collections in New York & Austin, and won three “Best Designer” awards in 2013. She brings extensive experience with sewing knits, patterning, and draping to the class. Anne Marie Beard is an Accessories Designer with a background in Costume Design. She has won two “Best Designer Awards” with Austin Fashion Week, and brings over 25 years of sewing, design, patterning and crafting experience to the class. We promise you will laugh, have fun, make new friends and feel inspired!


Skill Level:
Intermediate Sewing
You need to be able to thread your machine, wind your bobbin, and do basic stitches on your own
The instructors are there to help you, encourage you and empower you to get more comfortable sewing!

Materials Required (or Materials to Bring):
Clothes to FrankenFrock!
Your own sewing machine
Thread snips/small scissors
Fabric shears/large scissors
Notions you may want to use – zippers, new buttons, elastic, etc.
Needles – bring extra sewing machine needles in case you break one!


The FrankenFrock class takes place at the North Door Main Stage, located at 502 Brushy St. in Austin. Info and ticket sales available at ndvenue.com.

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