geeking out: whovian style – 10th doctor

Every so often I go into Tennant withdrawl. He’s just so dreamy! They say your first Doctor is your fave, but that’s not the case with me. I’m Team Tennant all the way. My crush is deep.
How can you not see his smile and swoon?!? Okay, I’m calming down now. Here’s a cute way
to cosplay as the 10th Doctor:

10th Doctor A-Line Dress!
10th Doctor Dress Tennant

Which should totally be paired with this cardigan:
TARDIS Cardigan

Of course you’ll want a Sonic Screwdriver handy.
10th Doctor Sonic ScrewdriverThis Sonic Screwdriver is actually a TV remote! All photos are linked to Think Geek, a site full of goods of the geeky variety. Don’t forget to put on a pair of Converse to complete the look!

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