fan art friday: willie nelson, work in progress

This week, my take on fan art is a bit different than the usual cartoon and comic book tributes I usually share. I’ve begun painting a series of black and white realistic portraits, mostly of musicians and artists. The piece on which I’m currently working is this painting of Austin’s own Willie Nelson. It’s not quite done yet, but I just couldn’t wait to share it!


Most of the paintings in this series will be strictly black and greyscale, but this one will have Willie’s signature red bandana when it’s finished. Below is a close-up image of the eye area to show detail.


For this piece, I used exclusively black and white acrylic paint, which I mixed to create shades of grey. It’s painted on a 24″x36″ gallery-wrapped canvas.

This Willie Nelson painting will be listed for sale when it’s complete, and I’ll be moving on to my next portrait in the series, a tribute to the late Kurt Cobain. I can’t articulate how excited I am to continue sharing these with you as they come to fruition.

If you’re interested in commissioning a particular artist or celebrity portrait in this style, please email me at

Here are a few other similar portraits I’ve done in the past couple of years.

(Top: Dali, bottom left: Johnny Cash, bottom right: Willie Nelson)

I hope you guys like it! Who would you most like to see painted in this style if you got to choose anyone?


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