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Pretty in Pink 30th Anniversary

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the 80s movie Pretty in Pink. On Valentine’s Day they had special screenings through Fathom events, and boy did I scoop up tickets as soon as I found out. This movie has had a long lasting impact in my life. To this day, that soundtrack puts me in a very productive mood. If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading this post now, and come back after you do. Trust me, you’ll want to see it. If you have, let me share the ways this movie weaved through my life. Pretty in Pink inspired me to cut up clothes and rework them into new pieces, it made me want to work in a record store doing fun displays, it made me want a pink car, it reminded me not to let what people think change me, and the music, well, the music just ended up being my own life soundtrack.

Now to give specifics on all of that. In middle school my best friend and I would get together and swap clothes, I always used the clothes I got from her to cut up and mix with my clothes. I didn’t know how to sew then, so I would staple, safety pin, and tape pieces together. No one knew that I did that, but people always asked me where I got what I was wearing, and there was no better feeling than getting to say I made it. It felt amazing knowing something new I pieced together was well received.

In high school I did my first choreography dance final to Shellshock by New Order (featured in the movie).

In high school I had decided I wanted to own my own record store. In order to do that I thought I should get a job at a record store. After I graduated I worked in several trying to learn as much as I could, and often getting to work on displays. I even did a variation of the record display in the movie at one of the record stores I worked for. Once I started working for Tower Records, it was then that I learned of art departments in record stores, and doing that became a new goal. One of my favorite jobs ever was when I was in charge of signage, displays, marketing and events for a record store, it was there that I was really marrying my two loves; being creative and music.

Perseverance is a strong theme in the movie. Duckie, Andie, and Iona kept pushing forward and having a strong sense of self. It was inspiring, it made me feel like I could hold my own no matter what.

I still haven’t owned a pink car, but that’s next on my list. 😉

What do you think about Pretty in Pink? Are there any movies that have inspired you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Day 7: Fave Movie

30 Day Challenge, Day 7 – Fave Movie

I also have a lot of favorite movies. Can we say… Parker Posey? Just with films she’s been in there is quite a list, House of Yes is a film I watch probably once a month. I LOVE Pretty in Pink. That movie always puts me in a creative mood. The Chocolate War, oh man, this movie is amazing, if not only just because the soundtrack is kick butt. Sliding Doors and September Issue are movies I love a lot too! I quote Sliding Doors often. But the movie that tops the cake, the movie I quote the most, that inspires me, that makes me sad and makes me laugh is…..

Kicking & Screaming by Noah Baumbach

It’s on NetFlix, check it out.

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