fan art friday: I think it likes you.


One of my favorite artists, Jim Ferguson, (yes, I’ve been bragging about his work here quite a bit, I know.) has just released an awesome new Abyss/Adventure Time crossover illustration, officially licensed by Cartoon Network!

There’s a very limited run of numbered prints (only 45 made), each 11×5 and signed. You can snag one online.

Wishing you all an epic weekend!

fan art friday: jim ferguson is making a scene

This week’s fan art post is a really exciting one, as I recently met the artist and truly feel like his body of work contains something to appeal to absolutely everyone. Jim Ferguson’s booth caught our attention last month at Alamo City Comic Con, and I’m thrilled that he’s in Austin this weekend for Wizard World.

Often we feature cartoon or comic book fan art, so this is a little different. Jim creates movie and television scene fan art, always intricate and iconic, and often retro. The vivid coloring and landscape orientation found in each of Jim’s artworks are what really drew me in initially. He has both an Etsy shop and a Facebook page, and a huge selection of amazing pop culture fan art from which to purchase. Of course, if you’re attending Wizard World Comic Con, you can stop by booth B40 and pick up your favorite.

Here’s a new piece inspired by The Walking Dead
Art and photo by Jim Ferguson. You can be among the very first to snag the Merle Dixon print this weekend in person or next week in his Etsy shop.

One of my personal favorites is this from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (and my birthday is next month! /hint) –

Check out Jim’s website for more examples of his impressive collection of fan art, and to learn more about the artist. (If you can’t decide on just one piece to take home, he also has a book!)

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