biz chat: how to infuse color trends into your work

Infusing color trends in your work

We’re doing a blog theme this week, and that theme is the 2016 Pantone colors of the year. Jen shared with you how to add it to your make-up routine, and I’m here to share with you how to incorporate it into your work.

If you’ve seen the colors Robo Roku uses, we tend to be very bold, and more toward the primary color side of things. This year’s Pantone colors — yes, that’s plural, are Rose Quartz and Serenity (featured in the image above). These colors are more on the pastel side of things, but we do have some ways we can work it in. I recently learned about mompreneur coach, Renae Christine, and watched a three part video series where she breaks down how you should build your color story per line launch. She recommends using five neutrals, three trend colors, and two “out there” colors that you just love and need to have in your line. Neutral doesn’t need to mean beige, so don’t freak out if beige is not in your wheel house. Robo Roku’s neutrals would be more like black, red, and blue.

I really like Renae Christine’s breakdown of colors. It’s a helpful list to keep you from using all the colors out there, and keeps you focused on the colors that will sell the best. Honestly, I would even say you could maybe do two trend colors, and add one more to “out there”, if you’d like. As long as your overall color story is staying on brand, there’s no harm in infusing the newest trend colors every year. It’s not only going to challenge you, but keep you current! Let us know if you decide to try to infuse the trend colors into your line this year.

Share your work with us via Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #TCLcreative so we can see what you’re creating!


geeking out: science crush necklaces

Do you love science? Better yet, does your mom love science? I’ve got these rad new science crush pendant necklaces, and they make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, too. Each one comes with an image of your favorite scientist (there are several from which to choose) in a metal heart pendant with a protective glass dome, and hangs from a sturdy metal chain.


So far, the most popular ones have been Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Nikola Tesla, but there are many great astrophysicists, mathematicians, chemists, and naturalists that you can proudly wear around your neck as a tribute to these amazing historical figures and the impact their work has had on our modern lives.


Snag one in my Etsy shop before Tuesday, May 6th, for delivery in time for Mothers Day. Otherwise, they’re available all the time for you to treat yourself.

arts and drafts: handmade gift tags and christmas ornaments

As you may know, the North Door has begun a new event series called “Arts and Drafts”, a full catalogue of affordable and informal classes taught by Austin’s most talented makers. I’m teaching some of these crafty workshops, and my next one is perfectly timed for finishing up your holiday gift-giving and decorations!

Join us on December 22nd from 3-5pm for the DIY ornaments and gift tags class, where you’ll be provided with all of the materials and instruction needed to create your own unique pieces. Specialty pairings and light snacks will accompany each course, showcasing the best of Texas breweries and distilleries as well as tasty mocktails for non-drinkers.

The tags pictured below are just a couple of many different style and color options available. Each participant will have an opportunity to create personalized and one-of-a-kind designs, as we’ll be providing a variety of different papers, inks, and stamping supplies.


We found inspiration in several different blog posts and Pinterest boards, and chose the styles that seemed most visually stunning, easy, and user friendly. Think sparkly shapes and glass balls filled with fun and unexpected objects (like the ones featured in the painted and filled ornament post by Little Gray Fox).


You’ll not only leave with your finished projects, but also will have hopefully learned some handy new skills that can be applied to other crafty endeavors year-round!


biz chat: creative biz life

robo roku cherrywood 2013 booth

Last weekend was Cherrywood Art Fair, and our booth was outside. When we set up it was 5pm, the sun was setting fast, and it was 27 degrees. For this Texas girl, that is “hide under the covers with the fireplace going” weather. It doesn’t get that cold here often, so I don’t really own anything appropriate for moving around. My fingers were so frozen as Josh and I shivered through setting up the tent. We tried to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. My fingerless gloves kept getting stuck to the velcro on the tent. It was pretty funny. After we set up we helped our booth neighbor, as this was his first art fair, and he had borrowed his tent and didn’t really know how to set up. The next morning while doing the final touches we could hear him cursing up a storm as things weren’t quite working out for him. It was a little scary and a little hilarious. I gave him many resources and tips for doing more shows, and he gave me tips on some new paints. He was super nice.

At the fair I shared a lot of tips with other vendors, and had some really sweet newbies to this lifestyle thank me for inspiring them to go for it, and share their feelings of being overwhelmed during the holiday season. A few people mentioned that they read my “biz chat” posts, and through the conversations I realized I needed to share more “reality of the beast that is this lifestyle” posts. I love to inspire people, but I don’t want to be responsible for sugar coating, and getting people in over their heads. I’m deep in prep for my last (8 DAYS LONG!) show, and don’t have a lot of time to really get into it, so I thought I’d share a link to a really good “tough love” kind of post my friend Meredith did.

Here’s a snippet to pique your interest.
“That’s the reality of growing a business — they require investment to grow. And if you want to really grow it, it may require a pretty substantial investment of both cash and time. Are you prepared to put both of those into your venture to make it grow? Whatever you think it’s going to cost, however long you think it’s going to take, you’re probably way off. It’s going to cost so much more and take so much longer than you expect. Is this something you’re prepared for?” -Meredith, Smaller Box

So if you want to know more about the real hard work that goes on behind the scenes of fun pics from shows, check out Meredith’s post.

cherrywood art fair 2013

Robo Roku Cherrywood Art Fair
This weekend will be our 3rd time selling at Cherrywood Art Fair, and it’s our favorite show of the year! Our first Cherrywood it was so cold and drizzly, but shoppers came out in full force, and we had such a wonderful time. This weekend the forecast showed snow. SNOW in Austin, Texas just doesn’t really happen. Now it’s just looking to be very cold. Cold is a-okay by us. We’ll be at booth 77, and have a hand painted LP, the bunny in the auction.
Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 1.00.53 PM
Here are a few other Cherrywood Art Fair vendors we highly recommend
(If you don’t live in the Austin area, check these shops out online):

LaLa for fashionable dresses and tops.

Meow Kapow for comic book and pop culture inspired art and paper goods.

Fisk and Fern for quirky illustrated goods for your kitchen and home.

Pigsey Art – accessories and journals for your book loving friends.

PrettyKiku for unique Japanese inspired jewelry.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some awesome people. Here’s a complete vendor list.
We hope to see you there!


cyber monday: indie biz and artist shopping guide

It’s Cyber Monday, friends! We’ve compiled this handy list of some indie businesses we love who are having killer sales today:

Robo Roku (pop art, illustrations, and apparel) – 20% off everything at when you use code ROBOTURKEY


Jim Ferguson (movie and pop culture fan art) – 15% off when you use code BLACKFRIDAY on any purchase at and his Etsy shop.


Chef Bizzaro Millinery – 20% off everything in the Etsy shop, plus a free gift with purchase


Fabricker – Use code “CYBERCYBERCYBER” to get 25% off any purchase $100 or more!


Jinxedaposed (unique, eco-friendly designer clothing) – Use code SHOPSMALL at checkout for 50% all online inventory! As a thank you, you will receive free shipping on your next order and a free reusable tote bag (while supplies last).


TAYLOR-MOSELEY Buy one, get one on any jewelry pieces in the TAYLOR-MOSELEY Etsy shop


Death’s Pale Horse – Lots of rad fan art prints and original artwork marked down, plus free shipping with code SUPPORTLOCAL when you shop online

And, last but not least, my own line of pop art fashion accessories and paintings! Everything in my Etsy shop is 30% off today when you use code HOLIDAY2013

All of these codes and deals are valid until midnight tonight!

In the days following Thanksgiving, it seems that every retailer in the country is trying to get your attention, in hopes that you’ll spend your gift shopping dollars with them. Why not shop small and make a direct impact on someone else’s holiday season in the process? Your favorite artist or crafter is likely to be offering discounts or free bonus items in his/her online store on things you already wanted. We hope you’ll also find something new to love today from someone in this post.

Happy bargain hunting!


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