meet my TARDIS

TARDIS front
This is my new car TARDIS. When they first came back I looked at them, but didn’t get one because I was the one always driving my friends around and I needed a car that would be easy for that. This time around I could be more selfish in what I was looking for in a car. My dream car is a car I already owned, which was a VW cabrio. I loved that car. They don’t make them anymore. I was looking for something small, with good gas mileage, bluetooth, and ideally a convertible. This car was close enough with a sunroof. How could I pass up this cute car in almost a TARDIS blue?!? With that in mind, this is what came next….

Wobbly Keys
The keychain was originally a pendant I ordered awhile back, but it was too big for my taste. I now had the perfect use for it! And for the big finally….

(license plate hidden for privacy concerns)

When I did roller derby my derby name was Bad Wolf. I chose that name because it’s a cool storyline from Doctor Who, and the story arc covered more than one Doctor. I’ve also always wanted to be the Doctor. I’m getting closer, no? 😉

cloud view from the sunroof
The view from the sunroof on the way home. I think this car suits me perfectly, and I’m loving the zip-zoom of it.

geeking out: whovian style – 10th doctor

Every so often I go into Tennant withdrawl. He’s just so dreamy! They say your first Doctor is your fave, but that’s not the case with me. I’m Team Tennant all the way. My crush is deep.
How can you not see his smile and swoon?!? Okay, I’m calming down now. Here’s a cute way
to cosplay as the 10th Doctor:

10th Doctor A-Line Dress!
10th Doctor Dress Tennant

Which should totally be paired with this cardigan:
TARDIS Cardigan

Of course you’ll want a Sonic Screwdriver handy.
10th Doctor Sonic ScrewdriverThis Sonic Screwdriver is actually a TV remote! All photos are linked to Think Geek, a site full of goods of the geeky variety. Don’t forget to put on a pair of Converse to complete the look!

whovian wednesday: the new doctor

Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor! If you are a Whovian you’ve seen him before in the “Fires of Pompeii” episode (with Karen Gillan), and on Torchwood. His facial structure reminds me of David Tennant, which I think will ease viewers into him. I’m really excited to have a more mature Doctor again.

Did you know there was a chance Michael Jackson could have been the Doctor?

doctor puppet part 2


Did you see our post about Doctor Puppet last week? If you missed it check it out before watching any of these videos. How are you feeling about the news of this being Matt Smith’s last season? Personally, I feel like if I can survive the Tennant regeneration, then
all will be okay. I would like to see more of Clara, though. Did you love her, too?

Be sure to visit the Doctor Puppet site for more Doctor Puppet goodness.

geeking out: whovian style

Welcome to the new geeky series! Josh and I will be posting some geeky goodness here for you on Wednesdays. Let’s be honest, most of my posts will be Doctor Who related, but I promise to show my geeky love for other topics/things. To start things off I thought I’d give you a bit of some Whovian fashion fun. Click on the right arrow on the slider to see more female Doctor outfits!

I love this “Travelling Whovian” style, so fun!

Travelling Whovian

This Vintage TARDIS look is swoon worthy.

Vintage Tardis

I think all these looks would be great for doing cosplay at a convention, the last one can work almost anytime/anywhere. I will be posting another Whovian fashion post in the future, there were just so many great things for me to share I couldn’t fit it all in one post.

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