Day 13: Comic

30 Day Visual Challenge, Day 13 – Comic

I really don’t have time (or the skills) to draw a comic, so I’ll just tell which is my fave….

Peanuts is my fave comic. I have every Peanuts comic on my phone so I can read a few strips at night before bed. I will admit as of late I have been falling asleep pinning on Pinterest instead. This is a painting by Tom Everhart, he was a friend to Charles M. Schulz. This painting was done after the memorial service of Charles M. Shulz and is called The Tear. I love this painting so much, even if it breaks my heart.

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Day 12: Accomplishment

30 Day Visual Challenge, Day 12 – Most Recent Accomplishment

My most recent accomplishments all have to do with Austin Craft Riot. I was elected Co-President in May, and since then our team has been kicking butt re-branding and revitalizing our team and public outreach. We’ve been doing so many things like re-designing and moving the blog to WordPress, I just finished the design for the new site, my Co-Prez will be coding it this week (while I’m on vacation), and tons more I can’t even list them all. The thing I am most proud about is something my Co-President wanted to do. Our team has a holiday show every year, and she wanted to add a spring show to our agenda, and so we did. In thinking about the spring show and working with our Events Co-Chairs we signed a contract on a venue I am over the moon about.

I wish I could say more, but we are waiting until our spring show poster graphic is done to announce the dates and location. I had a lot of things planned for this summer (like doing the Craft Academy summer session again), but the majority of my time and effort has been put into the team. I am happy to use my skills for a team instead of just for myself. It’s nice to be a part of an amazing group of artists/crafters/indie entrepreneurs all working to help each other out on a volunteer basis.

I’ve been on the holiday show committee before, but this year my role has significantly changed in what I have to do to pull off the event. As someone that has volunteered/interned/worked for other events I am able to put a lot of those dormant skills to use, all while learning more along the way. I have found that I really enjoy show production, which makes sense, because I love figuring out the logistics of things. I cannot wait to share with you more details of what I have been working on for the team.

Day 11: Turning Point

30 Day Challenge, Day 11 – Turning Point In Your Life

October 2006 I quit my retail job to focus on working for myself with Robo Roku. I worked at Paradise Pen Company, a high end pen store in a mall where I live. I was a frequent shopper before I worked there, I have a thing for writing instruments. I worked there for a little over a year, and that was the longest I had ever worked somewhere consecutively. I miss working there sometimes and even think about seeing if they need part time help. I loved talking pens with customers, getting the discount and playing with new pens. Obviously I love what I am doing now, and am grateful that I work for myself. Perks like working in my jammies are cool, but I miss human interactions sometimes. Yay for Twitter!

Day 10: Fave Candy

30 Day Challenge, Day 10 – Fave Candy

Choco Baby (I call them Choco Babies) are my fave candy.

Choco Baby candy are little pellets of a mild milk chocolate, the mildness is why I like them so much. Once at a SXSW volunteer call I had brought some and had them on our sign up table. A volunteer with some challenges picked them up and said “mmm choco baby!” and proceeded to eat them in front of me. My jaw dropped and my eyes (along with my co-crew chiefs eyes) widened in disbelief. After that moment every time we saw that volunteer we’d call him “Choco Baby.” I am not what you call a rule breaker. I get embarrassed if I go to the movies with someone that sneaks food in, but I admit sometimes I sneak in these. ; )

Day 9: Fave Show

30 Day Challenge, Day 9 – Fave Show

The Doctor and Donna Noble

My fave Doctor and fave companion. No one else liked her. She was loud and obnoxious and not as adorable as Rose, but she made me laugh a lot, so I love her best.

Bad Wolf is my derby name, it came from Doctor Who.

If you don’t watch Doctor Who, and don’t mind a little sci-fi in your life, I highly recommend it. While there are 26 seasons since the beginning in ’73, you can just start in 2005. Then if you feel up to it, go back in time. The 2005 reboot did a good job of restarting the series. Some people have started with the current season, I am very against this. There is so much heart in the series, that without starting in 2005 you miss the depth of the show.

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Day 8: Fave Animated…

30 Day Challenge, Day 8 – Fave Animated Character Movie/Series

Some might think it would be Hello Kitty, but I was introduced to Hello Kitty as a product, not a cartoon. This day’s challenge is clearly going to be very hard for me. I think I am going to have to cheat again, and still not name all my animated loves.

Serial Experiments Lain (aka Lain)

Ranma 1/2

Maison Ikkoku

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Spirited Away, all Miyazaki films actually.

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