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Office Inspiration

I’ve been on a house cleaning spree, focusing mostly on the home studio/office. As my show display inventory has grown, I have not kept up with having an easily accessible way to store everything in-between shows. I also didn’t really unload old displays I don’t use anymore. Having the beginning of the year free of planning for a series of shows is allowing me time to sort and purge through everything.

Since my focus this year is shifting to keeping up with online/computer activities, like keeping the online store stocked (leading to more order processing), returning to pattern designing, blogging more, client work, etc. I have been sprucing up my desk area little by little. I carry my favorite writing utensils with me all the time, but I ‘d like to get a pretty container that I can dump my pens/pencils/markers in when I “get to work”, and I think those gold vessels would be perfect. The magazine holder would be so nice for my current magazines, weekly order form processing, and mail. I don’t have a clock in the studio. Maybe if I had a clock, I’d be more inclined to “clock out” at a certain time. I always have candles burning, and those candles have gorgeous containers that I could re-purpose to hold paper clips or pens. If you are familiar with the This Creative Life line for Robo Roku, then you know I’m a huge fan of inspirational quotes (we’re re-stocking our prints this weekend- yay!). It’s so nice having something upbeat and motivational to read everyday.

I love the beginning of the year. The cool, crisp air and promise of exciting adventures awaiting me just gets me so energized. Add in purging and organizing, and I’m in OCD-geeky-girl heaven. I don’t really come down from this feeling until summer hits. I’m thinking about having a temporary online shop to sell my cute and useful (in good condition) goods for cheap, just so my friends can get dibs. We’ll see how this weekend goes. I may just get in a frenzy and bag everything up for donation, that feeling is pretty awesome, too. Do you have any new year routines you get excited about, or am I just too nerdy?

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