booths through the years

Thanksgiving weekend was the 2nd annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in Austin. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of my Robo Roku / This Creative Life booth! Normally I design a new set up every January for the new year to cycle it through the show season. However, this year I’ve been pretty antsy and have been designing booth set ups when I should be stocking up on inventory for the rest of our holiday shows this year. I haven’t been actively making as much as I normally do because I want to sell off a good chunk of what we have now to make room for new products we’ve been working on this year to launch for 2013. We were going to sneak peek them at the holiday shows this year, but part of me is wanting to wait until the new year. I’ve also been dying to tell you all about the new goods for months! I wanted to share with you some booth set ups we’ve had over the years, these of course are not all of them, just a few so you can see how our branding and set ups have changed.

2009 Holiday Celebration at a Resort Hotel in San Antonio, TX

2011 Renegade Craft Fair spring show in Austin, TX (Our 5th RCF)

2011 Aliday Holiday Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma

2012 Renegade Craft Fair summer show in Los Angeles, CA (Our 8th RCF)

I am eager to finalize next year’s set up, it will still have some of our trademark features, but also give our repeat customers a fresh booth to enjoy. What are you working on for the new year, anything you’re super excited about? I can’t wait for 2013!

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